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We pride ourselves in building strong relationships with our clients, working closely with them to achieve their objectives.  From 34 years of public relations experience, we know the importance of proactively managing the entire process – from trial to story placement.

To achieve these goals, our agency communicates with thousands of bloggers across targeted verticals, sending them content, news and product samples. This dialog results in positive reviews and recommendations for our clients’ products.  By maintaining relationships with these online influencers, we can strategically shape the online conversation as these high-ranking blogs tell our clients’ stories. The next time a potential customer goes online to buy your product, now he or she will be influenced by these positive reviews.

To generate quality placements and accomplish client goals, we use our blogger networks to secure:

We also design and deploy Social Media News Releases to help provide content to bloggers when we do not have sample products to send.  This ensures they post unique content, including copies, videos, photos, etc, which are all tagged or coded to help our clients build their online presence and achieve their goals.

As a part of our hands-on approach, our blogger-outreach team conducts personal follow-up to ensure placements and links to our clients’ websites.  We also target well-established and highly ranked blogger communities and networks that can reach millions of potential consumers each month.

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Our effective use of Blogger Outreach influences:

Utilizing blogger outreach, a powerful social media tool, gives you the ability to define and control the message while influencing online decision makers.  This will broaden your current marketing program and ensure ongoing online media coverage.